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  1. impressive and likable bearing; graceful bearing; elegant demeanor (or appearance); mien; presencefacete【廢】具有優雅的風采與態度的mien風采;態度;外表;樣子[U][S1]presence風采;風度

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  2. ...most successful announcers have a pleasing personality and voice with a likable style. 最成功的宣佈者有一種愉快的個性并且講以可愛的樣式。

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  3. ... –adjective readily or easily liked; pleasing: a likable young man. Also, likeable. lik⋅a⋅bil⋅i⋅ty, noun ...

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  4. ...jump too very kind, feature sweet, and eyes are bright and intelligent, so very likable .

  5. 俏皮:1.good-looking 3.beautiful 4.lively 5.delightful 6.witty 可愛:1.lovable 2. likable 3.lovely 4.cut 拍謝喔!我是用我ㄉ快譯通找到督! 希望對你有幫助!

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  6. ... Events The Baudelaire siblings are likable and clever, and so are the young actors cast as them. ...

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  7. ...러뷰 韓文 和韓文羅馬拼音 歌詞 likable -or-not-ost/

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  8. ...迂腐。 Lysander: In love with Hermia. A person who s likable , rational, with sense of humor.路桑德:愛上赫米亞。是一個討喜、明理,又有幽默感...

  9. ...4投入你自己喜歡的事物,你會活得很充實 Involving in your likable things, you will feel enrich. 5我們最大的敵人不是別人,可能是自己...

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  10. ..., This year many of you has grown, become more likable ! Although you will occasionally naughty, but your close much more than those...

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