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  1. ... day. 風水輪流轉。 Too err is human. 人非聖賢,孰能無過。 Life is not a bed of roses. 人生無法事事如意。 Never try to...

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  2. incredible adj, that cannot be believed, difficult to believe; surprising eg:-Your experience is incredibly to believe, whether your Am. English is good or bad. extraordinary adj, beyond what is usual (un) ordinary or ordinary; remarkable; a straight...

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  3. (where=the place where) He works three miles from where he lives .

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  4. ...chdtv 智慧漁電溫室大棚 北門設示範基地 life /paper/1390945 台鹽拚綠能 打造示範基地

  5. ...話是稻草人的心聲.整句是: It was a lonely life to lead, for I had nothing to think of, ...quot;. 3. 這句話也可以寫成: It is a lonely life to lead, for I had been made for...

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  6. ... risen. In order to maintain sustainable operation and quality of life , it has invested in environmental protection and control. It ...

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  7. ...種類不存在自然界, 對環境危害較大。 例子: life /breakingnews/2395958 單就危害性來說, 氫氧化鈉立即性的危害顯然更大...

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  8. ...量販店那種的睡起來很熱不舒服,只能拿來墊腳,後來去朋友家看他推薦1 / 3 a life 的記憶枕,睡起來沒有悶熱的感覺,軟硬度剛剛好,價位也沒有很貴。

  9. 兔兔要坐火車 飼主都需自備適合寵物尺寸的提袋、箱子或籠子 詳見 life /breakingnews/1615278

  10. Is this what life is supposed to be? 這是生命應該是什麼?