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  1. Get the license by your own effort. To become a pilot, you need to be able to communicate in English only. It does not mean you have to be excellent in English.

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2017年06月19日

  2. 1. Yes. Joining the club does not mean anything. So you don't need any tests. 2. Yes for a child. 3. No. You will have be 18 at least for any licenses .

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2016年04月16日

  3. 1. Not really. Like any skills, you simply need to invest your time and efforts. Unfortunately, in the case of flying, both time and efforts cost money, which is top obstacle for most people/ 2. Yes and no. Having a...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2016年04月11日

  4. ... am not sure how you can use a CAD exam for a FAA license . Similar to a driver license , a foreign country may recognize your license ...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2015年04月22日

  5. ...or decrease your chance. 5. Yes. 6. Absolutely not, as all licenses are issued under ICAO guidelines.

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2015年03月26日

  6. 1. It can't be a restrictive license . 2. No. You will eventually know if you are in line for a ATPL.

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2015年03月07日

  7. ...simply not individual to individual. The issue is Customs (as export license may be required - the U.S. does not requires...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2013年09月18日

  8. (1) One year is not definite. You may wish to know (a) Shek Kong Airport can be used for civil/leisure purpose only on weekends. PLA (Army) can always withdraw this. (b) Weather in HK may not allow. (2) 40...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2013年04月11日

  9. ...阿德萊德)or其他飛行學校上幾堂SPL(Student Pilot Licence )攞D飞行經驗,唔使全部學完,學到個Instructor比你飛solo就...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2013年03月20日

  10. ... to work in Australia? (b) Do you have an Instructor Licence ? 4.Class 1 Medical Check係咪做過手術一般好難...

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2013年01月03日