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  1. ...or decrease your chance. 5. Yes. 6. Absolutely not, as all licenses are issued under ICAO guidelines.

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2015年03月26日

  2. 1. You should check with the licensing requirement in Hong Kong first. This will tell you how...

  3. 1. It can't be a restrictive license . 2. No. You will eventually know if you are in line for a ATPL.

    分類:汽車及交通 > 飛機 2015年03月07日

  4. The answer is no. 3 years of license is a mandatory requirement for commercial license .

    分類:香港 > 荃灣區 2015年03月14日

  5. .... In addition, Star Ferry launched the only licensed harbour tour (Harbour Tour) in Hong Kong in...

  6. licence /index.html 裡面有TD63A 免試簽發香港正式駕駛執照申請表內有詳細說明 2015-02-03 22:50:47 補充: 不少於六個月, 唔係只限居留六個月.

  7. 1. Yes. Method or place of business does not change the licensing requirement. 2. See here: Yes.

  8. ...the recognition is not based on the program, but its ability for licensing . The issue with Hong Kong is Hong Kong...

  9. Generous reminder Ig shop is not a official shop People don't need to have License before opening a shop in Ig I don't think police won't help much

  10. ...will unlikely approve this application due to the location issue. Beside, these 2 licenses are more restrictive than Factory Canteen License ...

  1. licence 相關