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  1. Last Saturday, I learned the weather forecast that tomorrow would be fine weather. I had immediately...

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  2. ...你未預期的情況(前段中2解釋)。這樣寫find才是英語。 if you have other way to learn English... 我想你心裏用中文思想這句應該含有"多於一種方法吧...

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  3. ...傷風"這種病。 (B) Each boy and each girl is eager to learn English well. 改正 Every boy and every girl is eager to learn ...

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  4. ...這麼多的知識和一些有用的字彙 It amazed me that I learned so much and so many useful vocabularies from this article.

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  5. the input stage are listening and reading. Hence, learn to read and listen.Even if understand, you must try speak(=write) that are...

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  6. ...the deep notes of the hour bell sound means a man with deep insight, deep learning , deep thinker. ----dull--a dull sound means a man dull of hearing, unable...

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  7. ...lamp.是不定詞片語當主詞補語 What I want is go abroad for learning English.與本句類似,均是to連接詞省略

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  8. 說實話這不完整句抽出來解惑其實無人可確實知道it是甚麼。 要知it才知that 才知 learn from that 和beauty of that 是指甚麼 不過假如照原文直譯: 因為它的存在因而可以從中學習並認知它的美妙。愛不是單獨地存在的。

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  9. 食品類的證照至少有10種 你想考哪一個? 詳見https:// learn

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  10. ... a lot of money from his parents and had not learnt anything. After his suspension, he did not give up studying...

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