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  1. ...故事。直到夜深,我們才高高興興的踏著月色回家。 learn /chin/chin.jsp

  2. ...國中技藝教育班學生學習滿意度之研究 (MICROSOFT WORD) *E- Learning 中心: 數位學習網滿意度調查

  3. after graduation from institute next year Must know and take every care to learn to contribute and for the society to thank the President's encouragement ...

  4. ...是否會造成連鎖反應,引發台灣火山的噴發。  圖片參考: learn /esf/magazine/images/981202f2.gif

  5. In my opinion, learning English enables the space of communication..., because one could gain self-affirmation through learning a new language. From the past years of learning ...

  6. ...家商國文科數位學習網站(高職翰林國文,有題庫,課文注釋) learning /chinese/index.htm

  7. ...the school made ​​me feel warm and teacher smile - is my learning support.

  8. 招生區 http://tw. learn

  9. ... great thanks to my teachers. Again, I learned how to revive from the difficult situation.

  10. ...10 菲律賓板塊 Philippines等。 圖片參考: learn /plate/images/plate43.gif 補充說明~~菲律賓板塊"應改為"菲律賓海...

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