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  1. ...illustrate with a real life case: lawsuit .pdf If you look at page 1, you will see that "DEMAND FOR...

  2. ...slip manages the answer<簽辦答復> 11.Settles a lawsuit <結 案>

  3. ...雙方同意以高雄地方法院為第一管轄法院 If this contract involves the lawsuit case, as first has jurisdiction over the court after the mutual consent take...

  4. ...out your friend is back to the U.S., the authority may file lawsuits against your friend.

  5. All exploitation films have copyrights , only show that it is not a conduct of business to use, only if authorized rationally and can&#039;t show publicly , are responsible for by oneself such as the disputable lawsuit .

  6. To take what do you described into measure, you ought not be duty though the relative company tell the lawsuit .

  7. Presents evidence is at, loses a lawsuit is at. 舉證之所在,敗訴之所在 2006-12-24 04:35:48 補充: 恩~ ~ 不客氣嚕! ^ ^

  8. don't have to worry about the detail (as a matter of facts, a lot of lawsuits and disputes are resolved because of those books, without...

  9. To take how do you described into account, you can file a lawsuit by provding actual evidence.

  10. First of all, you can request the relative police for help. In case you deem necessary, you can also file a lawsuit .