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  1. ...生機蓬勃,人與自然共處的風景區,有許多奧秘等你來發覺!」 working landscape 是相對於 a scenic preserve,指一個地方有人居住,有商業活動,但不傷害環境...

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  2. landscape The overall appearance of an area . most landscapes are comprised of a combination of natural and human-induced influences. 風景 在一個地區的景象,大部分的風景都是由天然與人為構成的. 希望能幫到你

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  3. 景觀計劃: 對園林建築業發展之貢獻. ** Landscape planning 翻景觀計劃或是景觀設計似乎可以規模大小來决定吧.

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  4. There are landscape architecture license regulation laws in all 50 states, excluding... as long as they do not identified themselves as a “ landscape architect.” A practice act prohibits unqualified individuals from...

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  5. Landscapes may be classified according to the typical composition of spaces... may serve as focal points. Enclosed spaces in landscapes are formed by topographic variety, woodlands or built...

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  6. which attracts ...是用來修飾名詞 landscapes 的「修飾語」(非限定性質的),是一個「形容詞子句」。如果改寫成分詞片語...

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  7. landscape scenery view 這樣其實,你可以上yahoo找線上翻譯~ 比較快哦^_^

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  8. The landscape comprises rolling chalk downs, secluded dry ...

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  9. ...一定要改變形式。 情況一: [A woman sitting in front of a beautiful landscape ] looks straight at you. [ ]內為主詞 翻譯: [坐在美麗風景(畫)前面的...

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  10. 造園 landscaping 土木 civil engineering 建築 architecture 有很相似的三個單字分別是這三個字,只有一兩個字母不同 我不懂你意思

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