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  1. 答案是(B)的obtain.. 字典裡的解釋 可能會讓你覺得find和obtain意義上頗為相似 沒什麼差別 但如果翻成中文 find比較類似中文的:發現 obtan比較類似中文的:獲得 如果用題目中的歷程來比喻的話 "我在神奇園到的網站連接中找到你的email adress" 裡面的"I"...

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  2. http://foreigner.e- land page _h2.html

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  3. KEY PAL 網站 Linguistic Fun land Key Pals Club Pen pal Page Collection E-mail Pen...

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  4. ...garden PAL 網站Linguistic Fun land Key Pals Club Pen pal Page E-mail Pen...

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  5. ...對仗順序,所以第一位的翻譯不妨寫成:In the blessed land of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, this...一點,我的英譯是參考以下的網址的: pages /comic/3.php

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  6. ...quot;I sincerely pray for Taiwan and we believe in the people and this land ." 參考 3/23 Taipei Times Page 3 (幫你挑出來謝的談話)

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  7. ...平地國」。 一番斟酌之後,最後還是選擇「平面世界」一詞,著眼點在於flat與 land 這兩字的個別拆解。 先從flat說起。Flatland講的是一個想像中的二維...

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  8. ... 2006-02-21 17:25:02 補充: 宜蘭縣政府 -外語詞彙http://www.e- land page =8

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  9. ...station page -5 臉部彩繪/facial painting (design) Qi.../God of the Greath Earth/ Land Deity/God of the Great Earth...

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  10. ... splash cold water on my face .And spoil a page with rhymes? 當下 在這個地方 我 該如何...譯 ] 2012-03-25 20:34:31 補充: Seeing the poor lands , his eyes were stop instantly. . 看到...

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