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  1. Deep Side - Knock , Knock Lyrics Verse 1 Now... Call me baby beat me baby u can knock on my door write a letter 2 is better or...

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  2. Lenka - Knock Knock A second, a minute, and hour... smile. 別讓我等,因為我現在需要你的笑容 Knock Knock 敲敲門 When life had ...

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  3. ...dark to see Feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door Knock knock knockin' on...

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  4. ...private if they didn't met him. In this case, you can say " Knock out " as 只看見事物的某一點, 但不是事實之全部 or 一知半解!! ...

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  5. Knock out=失去知覺 Total knock out==technical knockout 【體】(拳擊)技術性擊倒. " You knock me out"=你打到我失去知覺,或者=你把我完全擊敗. I hope it helps!

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  6. Knocked Up...係美國述語 意思大慨係搞埋一齊咁解 類似中文俗語"瞓過",有過性關係

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  7. ...get outta here ( get out of here) " /" drop dead" Example: " Knock knock " A: Who is there? Peter A: ...

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  8. "You have a life time ahead of you so knock yourself out!" 你還有一生的時間,所以要努力和盡情去體驗它。 意思: [放盡去做想做的事,做人要積極地去活一個精彩的人生。]

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  9. 匿名君: 你只要進入這條link就有Heri Hilson的 knock you down中文譯本了。

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  10. 唔係 Knocked Up嘅男主角叫Seth Rogan,1982年4月15日出生,生於加拿大温哥華 魔戒中的山姆叫Sean Astin(全名Sean Patrick Astin),1971年2月25日出生,生於美國加州

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