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  1. ... friends. Am looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards and take care. 嘿,女孩感謝妳接受我的請求。 我叫Yanku,可以知道...

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  2. ...說: Regards , Best regards , All the best, Kind regards , Take care, Cheers, 2009-01-23 10:43:32 補充: 就都是 "...

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  3. Mvh 通常是瑞典人使用 Mvh = Med vänlig hälsning = With kind regards

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  4. ...advise us in advance. Looking forward to doing business with you. Kind Regards , xxx

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  5. ... again. 如果你有任何想要詢問的,請不要猶豫,您可以連絡我們。 Kind Regards 親切的致意 Order Processing 訂單處裡程序 eXpansys...

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  6. is advisable to effect it about a week before Aug. 28. Your kind effort is highly appreciated. Best regards , Xxxx Xxxx

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  7. ...confirmation mail will be sent to you upon receiving the payment. Best regards ,

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  8. .... I would like the opportunity to further discuss this matter with you. Kind Regards , Henry

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  9. ...and really appreciate your kindness. Yours sincerely (Best/ Kind Regards ) XXX(your name) 以上範例給你參考看看 其實只要禮貌性...

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  10. ...: Visa application reference number: (諸如此類的序號) Kind regards , (名)