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  1. 1. 應該不可以.這個that不是關係代名詞,而是名詞子句的that. 2. 因為這裡的第一句是不對的.這兩句是無法比較的.

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  2. raindrop keeps falling to your head,英語歌仔,上網聽聽

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  3. ...是形象的owe = cash 或 value = credit card/debt 或 transaction ( to your company account) = transfer (from by bank account...三四歲的小孩,不會每句字都問爸媽點解是這樣文法的。 Keep in touch (保持"交流"="接觸")而不會 Keep ...

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  4. ... ridiculous to suggest running into a rain storm to wash clothes. [這不是認真的說對方荒謬,而是反話...而已,不要對他的話太認真] Don't be ridiculous keep bothering me while I am ...

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  5. ...driver can drive the entire route without a rest. So it is not necessary to plan rest stops. However, keep in mind everyone drive different. So be comfortable. If you need a stop, then...

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  6. ...people probably already know what you are saying is true, or expect to hear it 例1. Well, she won, of course.  ⭕例2. You should of course keep copies of all your correspondence.  例3. Of course there will be...

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  7. 因為不定詞片語在邏輯上的受詞是本句的主詞the class,所以不定詞要用被動態 to be kept 。 Someone had kept the class waiting for a long time...

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  8. ...學校的人,或某宿舍的宿生,或某學會的會員等。 3, Keeping early hours are good for your health.... 4, What he said have proved to be true. OK. 5, He seen the accident...

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  9. ..., someone will say this request or order if you forget to close the window again after you open it (for some personal reasons...嗎? Just say: Don't open the window, please. (.. keep it closed, thank you.)

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  10. ...the suspects. Otherwise (If any information is leaked), it would become much more difficult to deal with, especially with the prospect of evidences being destroyed. So, please keep in mind!

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