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  1. invalid = 無效 pointer 可以解作箭嘴 (滑鼠) / 雷射筆(Laser pointer) operation = 運作 invalid pointer operation = 箭嘴 (滑鼠) / 雷射筆 運作無效 你是在電腦/網頁/程式看到的嗎? 如果是的話,這是禁止你用滑鼠做某些動作

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  2. 你所遇到的問題,會有以下可能: 1.系統故障,請稍後再試。 2.伺服器繁忙,請稍後再試。 3.有關ID因多次違反拍賣場守則,被鎖A/C。 4.其他原因,請聯絡Yahoo!求助。

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  3. ...identification. 4. This letter must be signed and sealed by the valid, invalid copies. me+google+bing translate: You can go to the ...

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  4. Stick to unsound, fallacious, incorrect, invalid , false, outdated ideas/methods/beliefs/ways of doing things.

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  5. ...teacher/tutor since he is good at Maraton. Thought he is invalid , he has an undaunted spirit. I admire him. He can be ...

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  6. ... PERfect perFECT Adjective Noun inVALid INvalid miNUTE MInute comPLEX COMplex...

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  7. ...set a date for an interview because your contact telephone number is invalid . Please contact Mr. X of our company as soon as possible...

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  8. ... made to this coupon will cause the above terms to be invalid .

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  9. ..., the agreement on the new edition of the above book is then become invalid automatically. " ** Please consult your legal department or lawyer on...

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  10. ... to the regulation of the contract; 2. Any part of this contract is invalid , do not influence the effect of other parts ; 3. Any right or obligation...

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