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  1. intimated 這個字是「親密的」,如果用在上述的句子裏好像不太對勁。我想應該是 intimadated (受到恐嚇的) 比較接近原意。試譯如下:在「倒扁」活動如火如荼進行之際,順便提醒多注意家庭以及自己,這些群眾有時會令人有受到威迫的感覺。

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  2. 在形容音樂上 tone 是指它的語調,氣氛 dark(er) 神秘的 (more) vulnerable 細微的 intimate 溫馨的 PS intimate 用在人身上才翻為親切 因此 a darker, more vulnerable and intimate tone 可翻譯成 一種較神秘,細微,溫馨的風格(語調)

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  3. Intimate  貼心 Intimate person  貼心的人 Intimate ghost...

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  4. 1.Is intimate with other people in the emotion relatively quite to be for me easy. 2.Relies...on own initiative a little feel not comfortablely. 5.I hoped that can be intimate with between the person and in person's emotion relations, but I...

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  5. 姐妹情深的英文是? 名詞 the sisterhood love the intimacy in sisterhood the intimate affection between/among sisters (姐妹倆人用between, 三人以上用among) 句子...

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  6. An Intimate Friend Would you like to make friends? Do you have...

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  7. sister姊妹. intimate /understanding知心.至交.密友. companion同伴. bosom/close friend親密的朋友. soul mate知己. confidant知己.密友 familiar知交. alter ego第二個我.心腹.

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  8. ...when I was six. Ever since then, it had become my intimate friend whether I felt delighted or depressed. 或 ...

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  9. close friend; intimate friend; bosom friend partner; companion; mate; fellow; colleague; business associate

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  10. ... "white comb", a closer look, the original is " Intimates " even were able to understand the word, but I was the ...