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  1. ... kind of not anti- mutually the switch electric capacity integral calculus machine, with not The layer after layer clock pulse..., can get a type that inputs the integral calculus while outputting, but will have on ...

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  2. 大大你好,由我為你解答 ∫cosx*(cos(sinx))^5 dx (這題需要帶換2次,答案才會出來) Sol: u=sinx du=cosxdx =∫cos^5(u) du =∫cos^4(u)*cos(u) du v=sinu dv=cosudu =∫(1-sin^2)^2 dv =∫(1-v^2)^2 dv =∫(1-2v^2+v^4)dv = v-2/3v^3+1/5v^5+c (再來把值帶入還原) =sinu-2/3sinu^3+1/5sinu^5+c = sin(sinx)-2/3sin(sinx...

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  3. ... and Triple Integrals 15.Line and Surface Integrals 教科書 書名 Calculus (8th Edition) 作者Howard Anton/ Irl Bivens...

  4. It is not terribly complex, but it requires a good understanding of integral calculus . 圖片參考:

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  5. Consider an integral curve y = f(x) with gradient q(k) - p(k)f(k) at x = k. The tangent at (k...

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  6. (a)right (b)Jacobian J = | det(...) | = |(1+4u1*u3) | so that, if u1*u3>0, then u1, u2, u3 can be solved locally as functions of x1, x2, x3, in principle. "locally" means that u1~u3 can be solved at the points where u1*u3 is nonzero, does...

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  7. x= 2 p cos t y = p sin t z = exp(-4p^2) 0<=p<=1, 0<=t<= 2π is correct. ∫∫_S curl(F)∙dS = ∫_C F∙ds (By Stokes thm.) where C is the curve x^2+4y^2=4 counterclockwise...

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  8. definitize(V)=to make definite 確定

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  10. THOMAS' CALCULUS , 11th Edition, 2005 CHAPTER 7 ... Fractions 8.4 Trigonometric Integrals 8.5 Trigonometric Substitutions...

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  1. integral calculus 相關