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  1. CIF covers insurance for all shipment. In case of loss or damage, the importer can ask for compensation... on the invoce plus 10%, i.e., 110% of the sum on the invoice. The insurance company will deal with the airline concerned for compensation. 2010-12-31 03:51...

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  2. Ans:所以說,它是記實轉虛的方法來做囉!! 一年的預付保險為(DR)3600 那麼,年底的調整分錄為: Dr 保險費 insurance expense 3,600 Cr 預付保險費prepaid insurance 3,600

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  3. ...industry of CRM, the person who regards life insurance as pioneer in our country. The changes... replaced. There are life insurance personnel who has used customer's relation...

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  4. Life insurance salesman=壽險業務員 請將這life insurance salesman用google搜尋就會有很多網頁都有這個名詞啦!

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  5. Qualification of the life insurance agent 人身保險業務員資格 Qualification of the property&casualty insurance agent 財產保險業務員資格 Investment life insurance agent 投資型保險業務員

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  6. ... 170USD 海運: 勒哈維爾港至美國巴爾地摩,170美元 - Insurance 2500FRF 保險費:2500法郎 2.Freight in the USA美國地區...

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  7. ...急救過程 Give first aid process (11) 保險理賠 The insurance reason compensates

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  8. profession tests the qualified service certificate *Human body insurance salesman certificate *Property insurance salesman certificate *Invest an insurance ...

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  9. ...若有疑問可到此網頁查詢 insurance /about.asp

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  10. ..., the activities they do are not acceptable to the ordinary insurance .They need to spend more money so that the insurance company would take their...

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  1. insurance 相關