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  1. as though=as if;(仿彿) eg:-introducing a clause of manner, eg:-It looks as if "once a piece of clothing is worn"--- eg:-He talks as if "he knew about the importance of the clothing."

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  2. 微不足道= trivial My father only lost $1000 in the stock market. It was just trivial. 渺小= insignificant I am just a clerk. My post is insignificant in Lok Tin Co. Ltd.

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2009年01月22日

  3. ...render may be present right from the time of construction. Initially they may be insignificant , but cyclic expansion and contraction of the render may cause the debonded areas to...

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  4. If a person harms his own relatives for an insignificant outsider, isn't that even more over the top.

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  5. 希望o岩你用~ useless (沒甚用處的) insignificant (無乜價值的;不重要的) valueless (冇價值的)

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  6. ...fat , thin 18. rich , poor 19. thick , thin / sparse 20. important , unimportant / trivial / minor / insignificant

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  7. ...inconvenient, she wishes to be able to help others, even if it is so insignificant weak force。 2009-01-23 19:51:58 補充: From the conservation school graduate...

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  8. ...the devine goodness in all things (uses nature's grains of insignificant sand and the unworthy wild flowers). The second poetic structure...

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  9. .... words: allegory struggles continual amusing insignificant response alternate represents implied forbidden Hope...

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  10. ..., he is forced to consider them also quaint and insignificant . 2007-03-20 11:03:46 補充: no problem

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