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  1. bow (v) 順從,屈服 some people bow before money. 有些人在金錢面前俯首貼耳。 鞠躬;欠身 she expects everyone to bow and scrape to her. 她希望每個人都對她打躬屈膝。 to bow to the inevitable . 向不可避免之事屈服(逆來順受)

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  2. ...39;ēn bìrán zhīzTo grasp is happy Thanksgiving inevitable contentment 3.失敗者只因半途而廢,成功者絕對擁有恆心 3 losers because halfway...

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  3. ...ฉันไม่ต้องการพลาดสิ่งใด AOM ... แต่มันเป็น inevitable ที่บางความผิดหวัง...ไม่เป็นไร คุณไม่สามารถ...

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  4. ...現場錄影完整呈現 ◎ 再度回味”Don’t Bother”、” Inevitable ”、”Si Te Vas”、”Whenever ...

  5. ...incomplete  convenient - inconvenient  correct – incorrect  dispensable - indispensable  evitable - inevitable

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  6. ..., I thought that inequality in workplaces is inevitable . Now, I feel it is very wrong. Women should not be...

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  7. you like and dislike about getting older? Aging is inevitable for human beings. Whoever you are have to face the truth that...

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  8. 我盡量選常見的。 手足無措→at one's wits' end (=at the end of one's wits) 指無計可施 ; ill at ease 指不自在 無庸置疑→doubtless, unqustionable, indisputable, undeniable 無法避免→ inevitable , unavoidable 無法想像→unpredictable

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  9. ..., and the host with by means of transport, has an inevitable trend. This study was aimed at Taiwan Railway...

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  10. 緊張是在所難免的 = Nervousness is inevitable !! 這麼一來簡潔有力!!

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