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  1. 1. Yes - you can answer "no". 2. Yes - you can still answer "no".

  2. ...minimum: a. Travel document - you may have all proper document and visas . b. Travel arrangement - you must make certain arrangement in order... best app is always the airlines' individual apps.

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  3. English or German. Further documents may be requested in individual cases.Processing Time: Student visas shall be processed in 4 to 6 weeks.

  4. ... through which someone may immigrate on the basis of an intercountry adoption. An individual may immigrate under one of these provisions only if the individual ’s adoption...

  5. ...difference. 4. Even worse. 2011-03-04 07:56:08 補充: No - visa application is individual -based.

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  6. 已墮入局,貨品很難回了,你或可嘗試上綱,找出郵件收件地的警方,外國有很多地方都有網上查詢及舉報事項並有專責調查網上罪行的部門,,將你的情況向當地警方舉報,看看可有辦法.

  7. 我前兩天都收到呢個人的EMAIL, 同你一樣的. 不過我未寄出同有懷疑咪上YAHOO搵下資料. 點知就見到你及好幾個人的MESSAGE. 情況都一樣. 因為我本身住英國的. 已經SEND 咗呢個人嘅EMAIL比ROYAL BANK OF...

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  8. 可否叫郵局停寄取回郵件.但在今天己上機可否取回? Try contact Hong Kong Post

  9. ... Guide is an informative and comprehensive guide to the K-1 Visa and contains everything an individual needs to know in order to successfully apply.

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  10. ... include: a 2 inches square size photo, individual financial proof and holiday leave letter issued... employee or school. The approved visas will be delivered to the applicants by...

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