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  1. 我看完網站上的內文以後 Accent on the individual 意思應該是指 "著重於個人" 針對個人不同的需求 大意是 教職員...

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  2. gradal individual framefit?你確定拼的正確嗎,看起來怪怪的呦?再查一下拼法吧!

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  3. " Individual identity" means to accept what one really is with no more arrogance or the feeling of inferiority, which is, sometimes, got through the arguments with others or through numerous difficulties.

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  4. 上次碰到在時尚界的朋友,經由他的告知, 網址是 www. individual 希望幫得上忙~!

  5. 我想應該做 "個人(個別)責任" 來解釋

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  6. Summary Happy families have certain traits in common. Communication, togetherness, sharing activities, affection, support, acceptance, commitment and resilience are typical in families that function well. Children benefit from...

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  7. Dear 回信者: Thank you for your reply. 謝謝您的回信 Good! I confirm that want to buy 物品名 by 公司名 made. 我確定要買貴公司製造的物品 "I confirm that I want to buy" - missing "I" after...

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  8. Individual member joins a society the request form Date of birth: Republic... register address: Mailing address: Same household register Individual homepage website: Applies for the member category: (please cancel elects...

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  9. individual character should be established around the age of 19 2007-09-29 11:54:23...13 補充: Constructs n. (名詞 noun) 構思的結果,構想;概念[C] individual a. (形容詞 adjective) 個人的,個體的[B] characteristic a. (形容詞 adjective) 特有...

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  10. Individual processes are well controlled within individual enterprises...

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