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  1. ...inspect mark mind note observe ogle peep regard rubberneck scan scout scrutinize spot spy survey tend feast one's eyes get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights

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  2.,without two commas=non-defining, although only one dog= tends to become a defining. However, a defining adjective clause is a necessary in the sentence because the meaning  will be unclear without it.(if there are...

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  3. Yes, relative clauses tend to make a sentence too long and verbose so they should be avoided if you can. Adjective phrases usually are able to tell the same story with less words.

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  4. ... is on a behavior. They may not fit whatever the context they may be in . 3. But generally speak, relative clauses tend to make a sentence verbose, thus, shall be avoided.

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  5. We tend to read our horoscopes in newspapers and magazines, and to take an interest in what they tell...

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  6. .... (OK but ugly) D: Gourmets tend to choose more expensive foods. (better) 1.這是... what is over 10 times and colored in purple. 4.另一個則是從事工業的人們. Another...

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  7. ...the ratios of whole involvement of male labour tends to downwards while that of female upwards. Though... specialized and made remarks in research of female labour while that is seldom...

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  8. ... having the same reputation, the general public tends to trust public institutions rather than private ...cost of living is significantly lower in Riverside than San Francisco.

  9. ... milk riboflavin concentrationsare lacking in well-nourished, healthy mothers, and fortification.... Human milk concentration of Bvitamins tends to plateau above a certain level of maternal intake, and noriboflavin...

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