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  1. ... subject esp at a university for an English degree at Cambridge. in order to become an English teacher.Try read the "Green ...

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  2. No, it can't. You must have the Product Key associated with the version of the Windows XP in order to complete installation.

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  3. B is grammatically incorrect. In order for B to be correct, B will have to state "On July 17th."

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  4. ...research and development. After 2000, environmental awareness has risen. In order to maintain sustainable operation and quality of life, it has invested in ...

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  5. talk to Sikes to appear like that in their Q and A. in order to help Oliver.

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  6. 是說他不斷需求,永不滿足.....................

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  7. ...very ill. (B) Take---the Imperative mood. in (grammar) of the form of a verb expressing a command not... with;"To take a map"---the order were imperative.--------The answer is (B...

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  8. post(s):n.[C] <釋義> 崗位;哨所;站;(軍隊的)駐紮地;兵營;駐紮部隊 # “all guard posts”:所有警衛哨所

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  9. ... how to write the Compo=He who writes should be in place,districts, time, order , importance, etc are having infinite power; the omnipotence of God or...

  10. ...much more valued and exquisite than the piece of photos shown. --- In order to impress your gift-sale with additional surprise, we offer a package of great beauty...

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