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  1. ... teeth. The Romans made considerable use of gears in their mills. In middle age stone gears were ...

    分類:科學及數學 > 工程學 2008年05月15日

  2. D+ and D-: Up-shift and down-shift in +/- gear model P: Parking, use it when you park and leave...a "D" mode, the car uses all available gears to drive.

  3. The main function of a gear system is to transmit motion and power in a mechanical system. Through different designs of gearing system...

    分類:科學及數學 > 工程學 2008年04月27日

  4. ...or more clutch pack (especially the third one) and even gears . Now you are experiencing rough... you didn't take out the filter and clean it or put in a new filter, and just flush the oil and put in new oil, you...

  5. kick into gear 是引用自汽車機械運作變速器的「入波」或「入檔」後汽車才會駛動來表達一件事已經開始運行。 不是SPEED UP,只是指「開始進行」或「開展中」的意思。

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2011年09月15日

  6. You can try the following place - Langham Place (Mongkok), the shop in Dragon Centre, and YMCA Kingspark Centre.

    分類:體育 > 其他 - 運動 2008年10月07日

  7. I think the DC-5 RSX (launched in 2002) comes with 6-speed gear box. They have 2 models, regular and Type-S, here ...

  8. ... and the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility.[20] In the process, they acquire Metal Gear REX, a nuclear-capable bipedal tank, threatening the U.S...

  9. u can download it in the net, the one on atv is old!

  10. ...smooth and continuous rotary motion of the gear wheels. This makes gear systems widely used in many water drawing device.

    分類:科學及數學 > 工程學 2008年05月23日

  1. in gear 相關