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  1. ...referendum on Saturday Matsu residents voted 1795 to 1341 in favor of approving construction of a casino resort. 在週六的一項公投中, 馬祖居民...

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  2. In favor of Mr. Wong 對王先生有利. I am in favor of Mr. Wong 我贊同王先生(的意見). 使用在信用狀上則有 in favor of Mr. Wong 信用狀是開給王先生的意思.

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  3. 沒有人讚成這個計劃 為何不能寫 None was in favor of this proposal. 誰說不能? 當然是可以的, 此句保證是正確的. none當代名詞單獨...

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  4. I choose not in favor of repeal.  First, the so-called... first to kill the victim in order to destroy evidence, it abolished... commuted and the protection of victims. And we can not...

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  5. party-2 can reject enclosure in favor of government. 當事人乙方,在政府同意之下可以拒絕夾帶入關...衍生之罰金. 2013-04-09 10:39:39 補充: goods in profit of state 貨品有營利之目的

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  6. ... steps Because the majority of people in favor of waiting for regret You do not know; Collect hearts jar And tear of love in addition to You'll catch a cold From...

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  7. ...girlfriend. 為了得到女友的歡心,Bill願意為她做任何事情. *片語 in favor of 1. 贊成: Are you in favor of the plan? 你贊成這一項計畫嗎?

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  8. 1. I am in favor of studying English. 2... judge convicted him of robbery. 8. This releases...responsibility. 9. You will end up in debt if you keep on spending money...

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  9. 1. in favor of + beneficiary 有利於受益人 2.for account of + applicant 對申請人有好處(?) extend (postpone)(put off) the validity of the credit for 延長(延緩)(推遲) 對於(某事)之信用效力。 4.increase the amount of ...

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  10. 問 Normally she acquiesced in favor of a paycheck but Lacy’s demand was bizarre, are good soaps, but just don't fall in love with the first handsome dude you see.

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