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  1. 試譯如下: Lisa wants to end the entitled behavior and teach her sons the true meaning of Christmas. 莉莎想要終結此一自命當然的行為,並教導孩子們聖誕節的真諦。 This bad display of entitlement is a common struggle of modern...

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  2. 請問英文,某事情或某方法或某目標,---說換就換---怎麼用比較好!?用來罵人的 You are so impulsive and full of caprice. 是在說教,但是離"罵人"還是太輕了.

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  3. ...they report that they need to stay busy and may try to do several tasks at once. Impulsive children often do not think before they act. 他們經常訴說自己需要保持忙碌...

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  4. I’m sorry. It seems I’m too impulsive to scare you in recent days and make you feel awkward. I won’t do it again, I will hide it in my heart. Hope you won’t mind about this.

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  5. ...mindset on so many issues—off center and unconventional, spiritual, meditative- yet impulsive . It is serene and in-control.

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  6. ...while the tiger's actions symbolized Pi's wild, impulsive nature. I feel both sides are important in our lives...

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  7. I am impulsive ; You are impulsive . "Impetuous" has cannotation of violence so it may not fit your needs.

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  8. ...故事中呈現很多種個性 熱情浪漫 passionate and romantic 旦有時又太過衝動 impulsive Mercutio: 講過了 就不提 Benvolio: Benvolio愛好和平...

  9. ...我們收拾了悲哀 將這些寄託給陰雨的那天 And I was always so impulsive , I guess that I still am And all that really mattered...

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  10. ...marriage, for instance 在這方面我很衝動且瘋狂。I am rather wild and impulsive in this regard I'm sympathetic 我感到很同情 舉例: I am sympathetic...

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