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  1. 改善的過程並非易事但卻是有所回報的。我們希望你跟著我們一起做,並同意無私的支持12345計畫。

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  2. ...amp;quot; indicators and subsequent related research reference and make improvements . 翻譯 軟體所翻 有問體請在提醒一下

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  3. 翻譯 如下 我們發現在收集本校資料及建立四所大學共同資料庫上已有顯著改善。 研究顯示結合雙連字串及姓名查尋資料的效果最佳,但其實研究發現後者〈即姓名〉並非重要之查尋工具。

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  4. 專業論文標題 翻譯 An acidic and thermostable carboxymethyl cellulase from the yeast Cryptococcus sp. S-2: Purification, characterization and improvement of its recombinant enzyme production by high cell-density fermentation of Pichia...

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  5. Observations of patients positioning showed an improvement immediately after the training but this was not reassessed after...

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  6. ...功能 Compared to the prior study from 2012/6/20,the current study showed improvement of prior ischemia at septum. 相較於2012/6/20先前的研究,目前的研究顯示在鼻中隔...

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  7. for your patience in teaching. There is a substantial improvement in C.C. learning progress. I hope that C.C...

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  8. ... DBS to Drive Continuous Improvement 支持衛星直接傳播來獲取持續的改進 E. ... 個人發展和學習靈活度 評量可能有專業用語的 翻譯 ;但是基本上這裏的 翻譯 八九不離十了。 2013-07-13 23...

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  9. ...時間帶來唯一的改變,就是進步 The only change that time can bring is improvement (或progress). 或 The only change that comes with time is improvement ...

  10. ...the inferior teacher s suggestion, the father and mother can assist peter to strengthen the improvement . 自己 翻譯 ~可以參考參考~

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