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  1. ...: NP其他 Extremities: freely movable四肢:自由活動 Impressions :診斷 Appendicitis闌尾炎

  2. ... ..." " fettering" is perhaps your impressions to the emotion,

  3. ...image awareness of the artist disappears, and the viewer is left with an impression of actively experiencing the scene.

  4. ...參考: impression .jpg

  5. ...unable to be expressed in speech easily, this scene makes my impression very deep. 希望能幫到你

  6. ...point, re-established interpretation of the traditional umbrella gives the impression that allow air to play their very nature, realize the myth of the air can protect...

  7. ... book that I read ever had a lot of, but my impression is deep, thinking most the interesting book is ...

  8. ...過全國前三名的唷 他們畫室有部落格 您可以去瞧瞧 impression -art/ 先預祝您的小朋友字愈來愈好看喔^ ^

  9. ..., under two person of conversations Each other's favorable impression increases many, the man starts to him to launch the intense pursue...

  10. ...and easily.We usually gave from the other people our first impression to judged that person, from the beginning hair, wear …… analytical...

  1. impression 相關