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  1. ...是「移民署」在處理 你可以自己打電話去問「是否需要很好的理由」 http://www. immigration http://www. immigration .gov...

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  2. .... Visitors can also enter the Ellis Island Immigration Museum on the Statue of Liberty and Ellis ...

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  3. ... the United Stated with a tourist visa? I believe that the immigration officer would have the same question as I, especially that the immigration officer ...

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  4. ... to be employed and such activities can result you in immigration ban.

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  5. ...目前沒公佈沒人知道 2009-10-14 12:10:42 補充: Dear. Jerry , Immigration services are only provided by Canadian offices...

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  6. The U.S. Government does not enforce immigration law based on the money. Through regular inspection and intelligence ...

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  7. ...是這樣的: Each time you arrive at the port-of-entry, a U.S immigration officer decides whether to allow you to enter and how long you can stay. ...

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  8. .../fin105_cmir.pdf Simply submit this form when you are subject to immigration inspection.

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  9. ...的更多訊息,可以參考下列網址: e-gate網站:http://www. immigration 以上資訊提供給你參考!

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  10. ...公民,應該不會太難。 由於你是在魁北克,必須看魁省自己的網站: http://www. immigration

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