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  1. 不曉得您是從看到的 Gondok應該是印尼語 其實就是英語中的Goiter 甲狀腺肥大的意思 所以當然就跟缺點有關囉!

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  2. ...rsquo;s health to all kinds of patients that includes critical illness , chronic sickness or a patient being unable to hire a nursing attendant...

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  3. ...index2.php ------RA信箱 Illness / illness _report_09.jsp

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  5. ...補充: myopathy: 肌肉病變 neuropathy: 神經病變 polyneuropathy: 多發性神經病變 critical illness polyneuropathy: 重症多發性神經病變 critical illness myopathy: 重症肌肉病變

  6. ...the diseases which commonly affect elderly patients, especially variety of illness and complication, atypical symptoms of the diseases. c. ...

  7. Illnesses %20_the%20book.pdf 關於大腸水療之器具與方法,請至以下連結

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  8. ...:06-2766175 可申請 "重大傷病卡" illness %20card.html 二、重大傷病卡申請資格: ... 5 需終身治療之全身性自體免疫症候群...

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  9. ... is mild or asymptomatic in 80% of cases, but can cause severe illness and is fatal in approximately 1-3% of patients. The incubation period...

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  10. ... the cause, I would rather hardly suggest you to see the medical doctor of mental illness for appropriate solution.