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  1. Ill luck is good for something ill luck = 壞運 good for something = 對某件事情有好處 就是說就算很衰還是有好的地方, 要樂觀一點的意思

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  2. I don't know _______with such ill luck . 版主, 是誰告訴您答案是why we have plagued的? 我向您保證, 答案是why... ill luck . I don't know why we have been plagued with suchg ill luck . plague (Vt) 使受災禍;【口】使苦惱;煩憂;折磨[(+with)]

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  3. ...的、 惡意、 拙劣..." 等解時, 才可置於名詞前修飾, 如 ill will: 惡意、 ill luck :  厄運...  2006-11-02 04:58:08 補充: 第一行中的 I am sick...

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  4. ...指運氣 帶來好運的東西 好運,僥倖 ,走運 (褒義) 例如good luck 祝好運 , 而 ill luck 表示倒楣 壞運氣義 而lucky是形容詞,永遠表示"幸運的" 的意思 如a...

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  5. ... out during the exam period. 琳娜在考試期間變得非常緊張。 諺語: Ill luck to count your gains during the game. 賭博時數贏了多少錢會輸錢...

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  6. 「手機號碼吉凶篩選服務網站之規畫與建置」 Planning and Construction of a Website for Cell Phone Numbers Luck Screening Service

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  7. the story as:- The old man who lost his horse:had a bit of luck to save son's life due to destiny. Another allegorical story meaning...

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  8. ...tive about taking good care of my body.I fell ill beacause of overwork. I will not be exhausted and too ... hope you will find my translation useful and helpful. Good luck !

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  9. ...underpass way right before your house might (just) bring bad luck . Having an underground passageway in front of your...underpass=underground passageway: 地下道 / before=in front of:在...之前 / ill fortune:厄運 2007-02-26 21:19:33 補充: 第一句 "...

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  10. ... in between linked together. And that makes the ill -formed examples. Hope this works for you. Good luck .

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