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  1. ...落去一定得ge "我所提ge 2個facebook: 我愛小馬克 ifit 愛瘦身 或blog

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  2. Suppose that n samples are required at least, then: 1.96 x 3.2 x 60/√n < 20 √n > 18.816 n > 354.04 Hence at least 355 samples are required.

    分類:科學及數學 > 數學 2011年04月27日

  3. ...點解我小腿特別粗..! 我係好多網睇到好多計算標準體重既方法, E.g: http:// ifit 都話我166Cm應該係60kg左右...

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  4. ... the limit exist in this function? if it does, please state the limit. ifit does not, please explain why explain in details, please. thank you verymuch...

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