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  1. hypertension [ 圖片參考:

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  2. 原發性高血壓(primary Hypertension ),又稱為本態性高血壓(Essential Hypertension ),是指某些...

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  3. 1. Blood pressure control of hypertension cases are important issues of medical care...) improve the quality of care of patients with hypertension . (What is the subject?) It is important...

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  4. Hypertension is a common disease in clinical practice. According to WHO (..., 40% had hypertension and about one billion people world wide suffer from hypertension in 2008. Estimated hypertensive population is 1.56 billion till 2025, and...

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  5. CVA是腦中風 cerebrovascular accident,簡稱CVA wheel chair 輪椅 dependence 依賴 整句我不知道,我不是本科系的我沒把握 Hypertension 高血壓 peptic ulcer 消化性潰瘍 希望有解決到您的疑問^^

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  6. ... TY) 第二型(非胰島素依賴型,成人型)或未明示型糖尿病 _ HYPERTENSION 高血壓 Condition unknown 情況不明

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  7. 控制極差的高血壓 /前【醫】驚厥 沒有良好控制的高血壓 /前【醫】驚厥

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  8. ...potential kidney donors 潛在捐腎者的腎功能 5. Renovascular hypertension 腎血管性高血壓 / 腎性高血壓

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  9. diabetes mellitus 糖尿病 hypertension 高血壓 hyperlipidemia 高血脂症 artial fibrillation 心房震顫 congestive heart failure...

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  10. ...arterial calcifications (BACs) and systemic hypertension (HT) and diabetes mellitus (DM). 目的... are associated with diabetes and hypertension . 結論: 乳房動脈鈣化跟高血壓.糖尿病有關聯性 BAC...

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