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  1. ... me the scopes of 'fear', how it affects human behaviors, and typical ... me that I learned so much and so many useful vocabularies from this article.

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  2. How are you? (I am) "very well." very是修飾well的副詞 well是形容詞,當作本句的「主詞補語」。 Thank you "very much ." very是副詞,修飾後面的副詞 much much 是修飾「述部」thank you的「修飾語」。 Very well, you may go now...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2020年01月25日

  3. 1, How much should I weigh for my height and age?我的身高和年齡換算体重應該是多少?是否过重或輕,以主動形式使用 2,另一個測量動詞如measure亦是如此使用,例The rope measures 2 feet.

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  4. ... was living with too much spare time, such that putting too much attention on you, to think about your every day, all too care about how you feel. 未來的日子我會讓自己盡量不再想你. In the coming...

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  5. 不管你擁有多少財富,知足才能讓你人生更快樂

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  6. ...'ll consider the pants later. 請問衣服是多少美元? How much is this "top"/"shirt"? 你的paypal帳戶是什麼? What...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2018年12月10日

  7. ...是 鼓勵人凡事只要努力爭取進步,不要太計較成果。 ( how far they've come = how much progress someone has made) (2) "they" refer to the same person...

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  8. 我不知道還能為妳堅持多久? I am not sure how much longer you can hang-on tight like that.

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  9. ... very bad looking.Second hand clothes are much better and very good looking.

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  10. 1. I had a scramble egg, a piece of bread, a bowl of boiled oat meal with milk and several slices of English cucumber; 2. I would like to eat at home with my family members together; 3. I think that most barbecue meats being unhealthy; 4...

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