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  1. ...will come back to Taiwan after this short trip. This is the document list that I prepared this time: 1.The household registration form 2.Student identification card 3.Certification of account balance...

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  2. ...與留存證件原(抄)本無異 This document is identical with the original/copy on...乙) xxxxxx Taipei City Household Registration Certificate No. B...

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  3. > 筆記 > > 1。 上述文件必須包含您姓名和地址,需要 >比賽信息您向我們登記(如果改變您的地址, >您只需要提供您的當前地址證明)。 > > 2。 上裝上述文件,我們的網上呼籲工具的附件: > 一旦您 接受了 這電子郵件, >

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