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  1. ... (不太確定 商業櫥窗比賽是什麼...在這裡假設是商店的櫥窗設計比賽...) 4. Honorable Mention in Business Reference Compilation...

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  2. 1. 可以有很多種講法啊~ →Good (morning) my dear honorable judges, today I am going to talk about...(通常我比較常用...

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  3. ...stage illumination to give off heat, quite the dissimilar place was one is an honorable person, one was the computer animation.

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  4. ..., he had better have broad-mindedness as well as romantic, creative and honorable characteristics like her. 理想上,他最好能她一樣心胸開闊...

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  5. 如以較直接的英文思考方式 而非中文. Wellcome the Honourable guests from Vietnam.

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  6. 臍帶血。 胎毛(頭髮)也可以留下來。 或 或 honorable .asp

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  7. ...-elected of this Conference. Glad by your honourable and admirable attendance of this meetings. Hoping members can express...

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  8. ...: My Favorite Pet. 寫我的寵物 Q2: 上台: Honorable judges and fellow schoolmates. It is my pleasure...

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  9. ...以下都可以參考看看: 1. ﹝Good morning/afternoon﹞﹝←可加可不加﹞, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen(視情況看要不要加my...

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  10. ...州立紀念醫院的資深護士,她說他們念護理的會說"Nursing is honorable "(護理是崇高的),講護理是神聖的沒人會懂得。 僅供參考

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