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  1. Difficult to say. But generally, the time frame will be more than the initial hire . This is because the Immigration Department has to take extra steps to ensure everything is proper.

  2. 這大概是手術險(胃部分切除)會理賠,請醫生開需胃手術,詳細請詳閱條款 歡迎討論,line,a2265100

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  3. ... 過 Helpermatch是無牌艇仔 我搞過3次Direct hire ,一次係fd介紹中介,另外兩次係自己搵, 算是撞過好幾次板, 有樣野好緊要...

  4. ...would have been a lot more casualties. 4. The company will only hire me on the [condition] that I sign a two-year contact. 5. We've...

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  5. (A) makes – 主詞為複數(returns),用單數動詞(makes)不合 (B) are going to show ( are going to show 將會顯示,文法合,意思不合,因negative financial returns 是會造成--不是顯示) impact(影響) (C) is...

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  6. ... and Meyers Plates expired, soon as I'm hired , I'm fired 合同到期 我剛就業,就失業 Jackin ...

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  7. (11)B (12)D (13)D (14)A (15)A (16)A (17)D (18)B things such as chairs needed plural in nos. (19)C promptly (20)B before

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  8. Nothing. A holder of PPL cannot legally hired as a pilot. Practically, subject to type rating, a PPL ...

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  9. ... unless you can be a strong addition to an employer, no employer will even think about hiring a foreigner.

  10. 解問力,創造力,與耐壓力,都是雇主不論找尋何種職位的員工時 都愛看到的個性. 你的履歷資料很有可能已經大拉拉地炫耀出來了.但是近來這些老闆們也不是傻呼呼地你寫神,他就信神. 總是要眼見為真嘛! 就醬,有些公司的訪談程序就花招一堆... 不問你那些有標準答案的問題,而轉問些 需要...

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