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  1. ...通常我們都是 [h] 不發音比較多啦~ ※ a 與 an的區別 (發音而非字母) 【an】: herb /undergraduate/ understanding/ oyster/ honest/ emotion/ atom 【a】: unique...

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  2. 這些數據暗示服用藥草可能有一保護作用,可對抗懷孕中之無症狀的菌尿症與有症狀的尿道感染。

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  3. Before herbs were available in supermarkets year-round, herb vinegar was ...

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  4. 若是(Vanilla Garden) 香草庭園的話.... →バニラ(Vanilla)  ガーデン (Garden) 若是( herb garden) 香草庭園的話.... →ハーブ ( Herb )  ガーデン (Garden)

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  5. This store makes herb -favored eggs, the egg yolk and egg white are cooked deeply...who are not used to heavy herb -favored food, this store's herb -favored eggs are much more suitable (preferable). Remark...

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  6. ...過節時喝酒)Wear sachets (戴香包)Hang Chinese herbs on the door  (門上懸掛艾草)

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  7. ...地方)選取第二項PubMed,然後在右邊的空格輸入Chinese medicinal herbs to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients...

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  8. ROYAL HERBS tm :藥物商品名,不另做翻譯。 Formula No. NS-805 :廠商... not found in other sexual aid stimulants. :Royal Herbs 是一個革命性的男性性功能促進劑。它是用其他性功能促進產品所沒有的藥物等級...

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  9. 藥膳 ---- 應該是都用草藥吧, 所以可以用 " herb -cooked"或" herb -flavored"形容, 則藥膳蛋是" herb ...

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  10. 我個人翻譯看法供參考 草藥: herb ,herbal medicine 社:association or corporation 草藥社~草本植物的藥學社團: herb medicinal...用品 有關中醫的 草藥 或草本植物 英譯 是用 herb 或許 可以參考 herbal social 或 herb medicinal social 供參考 2009-05-17 00:23:46 補充: 一木仙 謝謝你恰當的意見

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