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  1. ...=adj ,Not gerund; also intending to do what is right and helpful to students. eg:-A well-reading attempt on books to be...

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  2. ...人際關係. People with high EQs become influential leaders and helpful managers who understand how to deal with stressed employees...

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  3. ... my ideas in practice. I believe such experience would be helpful for your company too.

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  4. 很奸詐的問題.他故意把主詞"knowing multiple languages"分開成2部分. 知道主詞是"knowing multiple languages"="知道..."的這個事件 那一定是第3人稱單數,要用is.

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  5. ...這家一樣也是不錯的搬家公司 之前朋友是叫這家搬家公司 來搬家 http://www. helpful 第四種 : 自己找優質搬家公司 旺客搬家公司評價網

  6. Filling in the blanks is the topic of the essay:- (1)SunMoonLake-- (2)mid (3)scenery--one- (5)Autumn (6)for tourists (7)travel agent (8)magnificiently (9)boarding house-----attractively neat (11)&200 per night (12)pork chop (13)from pig------delicious adj.,

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  7. ...表示範圍 是用來修飾述部的介系詞片語 也可寫成: You are very helpful in this project. 原句使用介系詞in,與動詞appreciate沒有直接的連用關係。 2015-06...

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  8. ...year college degree in Finance. Some working experience would be helpful . John: What kind of experience are you looking for...

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  9. ... from their observation and comprehension. I am a positive, helpful people, I think his character is very suitable for studying...

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