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  1. I can t get over how frinedly and helpful people are. 我無法忘懷那些友善及提供助益的朋友們.

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  2. 大大你好~ 在此提供我的 翻譯 給你參考: Although social support and empathy are usually...39;s normal-weight or underweight friends also feel fat not be helpful in the long run. 儘管社交上的支持和同理心經常被視為心靈健康...

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  3. 1.The coach for the other team asked to see a film (replay) of the swim meet.答案要選replay 翻譯 :另外一隊的教練要求觀看這次游泳對抗賽的影片重播。

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  4. ... my questions in such busy time. It'll be much helpful for me. 或 Thank you for your kindly help in such busy time...

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  5. Being helpful is the main reason that Allen is popuiar with girls. 有忙必幫是艾倫很得女孩子緣的主要原因. Jay told May that we should meet in parking lot. 傑跟梅說我們應在停車場見面.

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  6. Provides comfortable pressure on the joints, Helpful for knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasions...

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  7. HELPFUL TIPS 生活益點通 Wash your car in the shade, especially during...

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  8. ...設計 A less-than-stellar performance. 一個水準不怎麼樣的表演 A less-than- helpful suggestion 一個沒有甚麼幫助的建議 2013-01-12 03:53:44 補充: 此外 你昨天問...

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  9. ...皮膚癌)的行蹤(歷程)中 以上提供,希望對貴方有幫助 I hope that it will be helpful to you.

  10. ... of Commodity) ... Hope the above-mentioned is helpful to you more or less...

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