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  1. ... dishes to savoy  any fun trip .  The mountains or other heights to climb.  101 High-rise building .  Interesting or unusual...

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  2. 1,How much should I weigh for my height and age?我的身高和年齡換算体重應該是多少?是否过重或輕,以主動形式使用 2,另一個測量動詞如measure亦是如此使用,例The rope measures 2 feet.

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  3. --佢咃--/cup--^--dee --男仔--ir--nan--I--see--tse --梗係--^--cup--^--cunt-- height --千祈唔好--/chest--tf--kee--ir--wurr--ur--how--/h

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  4. ... all were set, we flew and then we jumped from 4240m height . I didn't even get time to scream and before that the jump was ...

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  5. ...get into formation. 變換隊形 = change formation 照高矮排 = line up according to height / line up by height

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  6. The precise height was not given by your company, so we provide two options for your reference. Once the height is confirmed, it will be the standard of the next mass production.

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  7. ... and unkind remarks about her looks or her height . 今早,她感覺自己無法忍受窺視的眼神,以及關於她長相或是身高那些不友善...

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  8. ...dinner 晚餐。 2015-07-27 17:57:25 補充: 咆哮山莊第15章 Wuthering Heights 沒有 John. 2015-07-27 22:54:18 補充: 引文有誤。應該在13章:"...

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  9. ...seventeen, seventeenth, seventieth sevenfold, seventies eight height , weight, freight, eighty, eighth, eighteen, eighteenth, eightieth...

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