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  1. 新加坡Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, 又稱‘舊機場路飲食與購物中心’ 地址: 51 Old ...

  2. ... answer above is WRONG =.= Hawkers are not examples of firm. ... by the existence of firm. Hawkers are themselves resource owners...

  3. 英國 Hawker Siddeley公司Trident 1E型客機,為中國人民解放軍空軍所屬256號機。 介紹: 英文: Hawker _Siddeley_Trident 中文:

  4. I have been a hawker . 原則上是無問題的,但最好說明時間,但我覺得用 I am a hawker ,用意是說明自已是小販,又可必加have been 呢。

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  5. ... Buz Tin Shui Wai (3)Anti- hawker squad team arrest25 hawkers +nephew (4)Escaping nephew drowned in...

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  6. A hawker ___sells___ mangoes and apple. Peter ___will come___ here (this coming summer). I ___get___ up at seven (every morning). 樓上,第二題錯左啦....... : ( 係 Future tense ,因為係coming summer呀!

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  7. The meaning is ' hawkers ' o係指叫賣小販, 全句意思係' o係街邊買食物安唔安全? 以後如果查唔倒字, 試o下唔+ "s", 多數都查倒嫁....... 快 d 唔該我 la........ ^.^

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  8. let X be the apple that he had buy: 4X=10 X=2.5 SO,each apple cost $2.5 the hawker bought a number of apples at$320 so $320/$2.5 =128 the hawker bought 128apples

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  9. ...們意見不合) 有了這認識,你也可以知道 John's family are hawkers .是正確 希望幫到你!

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  10. awkerh- hawker offluab-buffalo iregenen-engineer wingimsm-swimming lionmil-million gooraakn-kangaroo toadicnyir-dictionary docuadrp-這個好像不能重組,可能是出錯題?