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  1. ...有人性/和善的意思 3. Tom grew up poor, and < hardship > HARDENED(使變硬的意思,指這些過程使他對人較不體諒) him...

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  2. 根據文章, hardship licience應該是「清寒證明」之類的意思。

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  3. 到這裡查吧 按下發音 1 2 對ㄌ 我順便交你 h ar d sh ip 分開念

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  4. 你準備好接受考驗了嗎? hardship :艱難、困苦

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  5. ...the Western pioneers, lonely in the vast wilderness and together ____ great hardship , were drawn to the east and thus ____ the melting pot idea that...

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  6. Can endure hardship painstakingly, the side is a top dog.. 可能有錯的.

  7. ... [00:04.29]We'll overcome [00:06.28] Hardship and fear [00:08.00] [00:08.81]Oh can you feel... [02:32.89]We'll overcome [02:35.27] Hardship and fear [02:36.72] [02:37.22]Oh can you feel...

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  8. we Share hardship and result

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  9. ...too". The earth and the sky won t change just because you encounter hardship . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 提供您作為參考~~encounter為及物動詞...

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  10. ...sincerity of a promise 6.vacant:not filled, used, or lived in 7. hardship :something that causes pain or loss 8.gallant:a fashionable young man

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