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  1. 而少數有適當的記錄得到了高達29萬元,工人的保險計劃 while a handful with proper records got up to 290,000 yuan from a workers’

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  2. ...第二首是影片中 1:23~2:27 這一段對吧@@ 歌名  Handful 演唱 Kelis (美國的Hip-Hop...ready for this honey comb IF YOU A HANDFULL SING ALONG Ba,ba,bah,bah,bah...

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  3. a handful of: amount of which is as much as can be heldin a hand. 一把 2.a small number of.... ㄧ小撮 整句的翻譯應該是: 遊戲(比賽)已被ㄧ堆人給佔滿了。

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  4. If a handful of tech writers were unimpressed with the specs, that didn't...

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  5. 1. Kelis - Handful 2. Rihanna - Rude Boy 3. 抱歉聽不出來

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  6. hail hall handful Hanoi harmful haul Hawaii hazwl heal healthful heel hell helpful hi hibernal...

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  7. ...they took turns laying a rose down Threw a handful of dirt into the deep ground He's not the only one who ...

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  8. 歌手:Kelis 歌名: Handful 專輯:Kelis Was Here (2006 年) 歌詞:

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  9. Page full of unlikely words, Handfuls of hot, bitter tears. They call the author a silly fool, For...

  10. Tough cookie形容難搞的人 = handful 難搞的, "bitchy"壞脾氣的 很兇的女人沒有要>>No one wants a bitchy woman (girl). 2006-05-29 20:59:29 補充: No one likes a bitchy woman也許更合適~~

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