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  1. 1G for MP3 less than $200.00 with half year guarantee ; $310.00 can buy one 1G MP4 with insert 1G SD card maximum to 2G SD card,with half year guarantee 。

  2. ...backgriybd music) the radio tuner can not receive any station. The product is under guarantee but after inspected by their service ddept., they said that they...

  3. ...not be too expensive and you can buy it at a price below HKD1000.-, it could be guaranteed that the people must like it after receiving MP3 as people like to bring it along to enjoy the music wherever you go. 3.My favorite...

  4. ...on . ...and this is ericsson w300 with bluetooth and MP3 player There are thousand of products...last i mention that most of products also with the guarantee we can buy the best in the best...

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  5. ...prosperity, family / work / life balance, relational happiness, personal health and spiritual growth – guaranteed .

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  6. Morning/ Afternoon ladies and gentleman, today I was kindly requested by ...... to do a presentation on my new computer dictionary. This very nice piece of equipment was bought last year, for XXXX $, since there has...

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  1. guarantee mp3 相關