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  1. 不知道你指的是否是指『あいさつ?」(挨拶) 因為它有著 Greeting 的意味存在,而且音也近似你所問的

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  2. ...people that have been working together FOR years didn't greet each other when commuting on the subway,or tube as it is called...

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  3. 22. (A) went unacknowledged 23. (A) alone 25. (D) condolences 26. (B) exhibition 27. (A) Rim 28. (C) rear 29. (C) precocious 30. (C) disillusionment

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  4. ...pick up an Ibanez SR370SPB 4-string electric bass, you're instantly greeted with that signature Ibanez "feel." In fact, you'll be ...

  5. ... to show people that you are happy to meet or see them. (D) greeting 4: All students should be ___ learners. (C) hungry 5...

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  6. Once a year, the Christmas, is coming right up. Please go home early to get ready for the Eve and greet your mother.

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  7. 「合十」在Sanskrit中 anjali。而一般使用是指 "行合十禮",英語系國家慣用 Namaste [注意] 東南亞各國用語不同。 印度,尼泊爾 -- Namaste 柬埔寨 -- Sampeah 印尼 -- Sembah 泰國 -- Wai 我建議版大直接在收信對象所在國的...

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  8. ...人. [**] Literally, "Did you have dinner?" A conventional greeting . **從字面上看, "你吃過晚飯了嗎?" 是一個句普通習慣的問候.

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