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  1. greet [^ri:t] vt. 問候, 向...致意, 獲悉(消息), 映入眼簾 greet [^ri:t] vt. 向...致敬[意], 向...打招呼; 歡迎 映入...早上好”。 被覺察到;映入眼簾 A beautiful view greeted us. 美麗的景色呈現在我們面前。

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年02月21日

  2. the meaning of greet to send one's regards to; to inquire after; to ask after sb.; to greet ... greeted her guests at the door. 她在門口迎接客人。 She greeted him with a smile. 她微笑著跟他打招呼。 2. (以特定方式)接受;對...作出...

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  3.", "send a message with regard", "with kindly regards" greeting 通常用於"a message of good wishes for somebody" or "you say something...

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  4. ... Op.12 (Elgar, Edward) ( the other translation of love greeting )

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  5. love's Greeting = Salut d' Amour Composed by Edward ...

    分類:音樂 > 古典樂 2007年09月06日

  6. ...39;s my pleasure to invite you to my office anytime. 至於一般見客時的 greeting 句語都是 Nice to meet you.

  7. Hello! or Good Morning (if its in the morning) Welcome to ...(whatever the name of the place they are visiting e.g name of a shop). You can ask 'how are you doing?' 'Would you like any assistance in anything?'...

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  8. 對長輩: 안녕하세요. [Annyeong-haseyo.] 對平輩: 안녕. [Annyeong.]

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  9. 祝你快高長大,要做靚女!