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  1. 這個只限於mnet 是mnet辦的活動 你可以直接去官網看 這是我截的關於F&Q的

  2. 我的回答不是很好,假如不是您心中滿意的答案,請告知 :) 先按右上首頁旁邊的箭頭,拉下來 - 隱私設定 之後到了這畫面按一下 應用程式與網站 - 編輯設定 圖片會有說明 ^^ 圖片參考: 然後 圖片參考:http://imgcld...

  3. 1.Hope everything goes well 2.It was very nice to meet you 3.Do take care 4.You are very welcome 5.I wish you all the best 6.Hope to see you soon/again 7.Congratulations from the bottom of my heart 8.Best...

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  4. Greeting (s)  1.Hi/Hello2. Good Morning!3. Good Day!4. How are you doing?5. How is it going? 6. Long time no see.7. Good to see you.

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  5. 因為你是把 Greeting hello=new Greeting (); 宣告為類別物件 你如果把變數值定義在方法內 public...那他的變數值有效範圍只有在方法內 所以hello.x就等於是 Greeting .x 取 Greeting 類別變數; 2007-09-29 00:25:45 補充: 因為你是把 Greeting ...

  6. Greet each day with a smile ^^ Start each day with a smile. 個人覺得兩個都不錯喔~ 您可以參考看看~

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  7. 1. greeting ; through 2. greet (welcome) 3. to give than to get 4. receive(get); Chinese New Year 5. by traveling

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  8. Bipartisan concerns over national security greeted widespread publicity over the Dubai Ports World Agreement...

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  9. ....png/200px-Snellen06.png 2. I walked onstage to greet A, and the rest is history. 意思:我上台去和向A問好,再來...

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  10. http:// greeting 這個網站可以養獨角仙 是 2007-10-21 18:45:05 補充: 桌面寵物是養獨角仙嗎 2007-10-26 16:59:52 補充: 到底是養獨角仙的遊戲還是