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  1. ...velocity … etc 2013-04-10 21:14:17 補充: charity (charitable),curiosity (curious), gratuity (gratuitous), maturity (mature), vanity (vain)

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  2. ...give me $10 for change is fine, the remaining $4 is for gratuity .

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  3. ...餐後甜點, beverage 飲料 complimentary 免費贈送的, room service 送酒菜到客房的服務 gratuity 小費, tips 小費, inclusive 包括, exclusive 除外, additional 額外 occupancy 居住...

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  4. ...from the first day of each month to cut the number of days. 2. Gratuity calculation is based on the rank of an agent, see "payment calculator...

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  5. ...income received under the terms of the employment contract, a contract gratuity , and thus all taxable in principle. See Q.16 in

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  6. ...salariestax/chargeable/backpay.htm 2010-07-14 15:07:29 補充: Back pay, contract gratuities , deferred pay and arrears of pay are generally assessable under salaries...

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  7. ... without stamped on the card. Stealing. Receive gratuity and pocket money without authorization. Amend the doctor’s notice.

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  8. 你呢份應該係政府部門o既temp 來的 倘受聘人在合約期內表現令人滿意,可於約 滿時獲發一筆約滿酬金,數額相等於合約期內月薪總額的15%。聘用條款和服務條件以發出聘書時的規 定為準。 算式是 你4個月的收入總和 x 15% + 2月份那17天的收入 就是你2月份的總收入 約是17,371.67...

  9. You should see if you qualify for Personal Assessment. For detail, please go to:

  10. Gratuity =$15000 x 12mths x 15% = $27000 But, if you are a MPF member in...period. i.e. If the employer mandatory contribution = $9000, then Net Gratuity = $27000 - $9000 = $18000

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