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  1. 圖片參考:http://images. google .nl/images?

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  2. ...heart races once in a while. If you have flutters AND other symptoms such as dizziness or shortness...比喻,可以說是非常奧妙 圖片參考:http://images. google

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  3. Poor birdie, never really learn how to flutter . 試著翻中文 Dong Nguyen says he... to do something new or challenging google search不乏實例 Lea Michele is ...

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  4. ...and burn 當你的美夢消失的時候,我會悲痛欲絕 While your heart flutters free, I still can't breathe 儘管你的心自由飛舞,但我仍然無法呼吸...

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  5. ...09:34:19 補充: 中文歌詞請往下拉~~~ 2010-11-14 09:34:32 補充: http://translate. google

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