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  1. ...原文的意思, 並不是指一位代表國家的政治人物, 而是一位親善大使, 因此, 用 Goodwill Ambassador 會較適合. 此外, ambassador 似乎只用來代表機構或國家, 而...

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  2. ...註冊股本 = Authorized Capital 儲備 = Reserves 商譽 = Goodwill 董事酬金 = Directors' emoluments 債券利息 = ...

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  3. ... wish is used in greeting and expressions of goodwill : We wish you a "Merry Christmas." They...

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  4. 我根據上面再補充一下 advertisement = 廣告,宣傳 spiritgoodwill = ??分開解: -spirit = 靈魂,精神 -good will = 好的願望..= =' - goodwill = 善意(n),信譽 orientate = 順應

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  5. ... Cup meets and was selected for the 1998 Goodwill Games team. In New York at the Goodwill ...

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  6. 究竟國際合作是促進了國際友好及了解, 還是成為富國(強國)控制及剝削貧國(弱國)之踏腳石? (note: International goodwill = 國際友好)

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  7. ...commercialization of gifts. This popular gift, then how unique pass away from the goodwill of friends and relatives?

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  8. ... after we posted the package) We hope to earn our goodwill through your satisfactory.Thank you for shopping with us.

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  9. ... excellence in gymnastics at a young age.In New York at the Goodwill Games, during warmups for the vault event final, Sang fell...

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  10. area, we will do the waterproof repair work in the above-mentioned area with goodwill . (Please refer to the attached floor plan for details.) ...

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